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Our Focus

Welcome to Sandham Consulting Limited. We are a professional IT services company, providing a broad range of solutions in strategy, digital, technology, and cloud. We help our clients maximise their performance and achieve their goals through a single ,clear, vision to partner with People, Industry, Academia and Governments to provide strategic and innovative insight and solutions to complex issues at both a technical and business level across several sectors.

Our key goal is to ensure quality within our work to satisfy your end-user requirements through the optimal use of the best tools that are available to enable your business. We have also have an extensive record in, researching, understanding and implementing new technologies to further enable transformational capabilities and services across areas such as FinTech, Energy, Communications and Cyber Security.

We engage with various partners globally in a number of different support and leadership models. Our ambitions within all of our engagements are to ensure a clean delivery of information and work to empower and realise your business goals. This can only be completed through effective collaboration between us, our co-workers and end-users alike and is a core value that has been part of our approach to work since we started our careers in various global entities as we feel it is core to the ensuring resilience in the delivery of specific and predetermined outcomes in any project.

With multiple patents filed over the past few years we have a desire to find abstract and useful solutions to problems that are likely to occur in the fields of energy, security, communications, service orchestration layer of computing and enterprise-grade computing in general. Innovation is something that we endeavor to ensure is a core part of all interaction we have with our clients as a benefit or engagement in it's own right.


Behind the Scenes



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